Sandra Bekkari, spokersperson for Foodbanks


Increase brand awareness of Foodbanks among all audiences and shift reputation in order to boost on the one hand food distributions anddonations and to attract new volunteers on the other hand.Make Miele a "trust" brand for younger consumers while opening the MEC.


To the general public, the Food Banks are mainly known for food collection campaigns at supermarkets. However, the main task of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks is the logistic organisation of the free distribution of food to those people in need in Belgium.

To help shift the reputation of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, Twyst set up a consistent flow of press releases and launched long term ambassadorships with Sandra Bekkari and Julien Lapraille – two well-known foodies that show an enormous passion for food and that want to put their shoulders under this project. Furthermore, Twyst coordinated the professionalisation of the Food Banks Facebook account together with Content Makers.


100+ Top Tier press articles and AV reportages/year
Several ambassador visits and/or cooking workshops to regional food banks and local associations
Almost tripled followers base (+192%)
Foodbanks Facebook account
Organic content on IG and FB
Regular digital content posted
PR & SoMe
Positive tone of voice
Key messages retention

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